Process Post #2

This week posed a few challenges for me as I completed the setup of the website. I have zero experience when it comes to setting up, designing, or maintaining a website, so this has all been very new to me.

Thankfully, WordPress has been relatively straightforward to work with. The provision of pre-made themes has been a lifesaver because the last time I did any coding was about eight or nine years ago in high school, and I was not only terrible at it but hated doing it.

Where I struggled this week was figuring out a way to have two blog pages instead of one. When I first setup the website, I setup the sports blog as the designated ‘blog’ page and just added the process posts page as another page, but when I went to add my first process post I realized they would just accumulate as one long page if I kept it that way. This didn’t seem ideal, so I went to YouTube for help, and lo and behold, there was the help I needed.

In a quick four-minute tutorial, I figured out that I needed to create separate categories for my posts, so I made one for “Sports Blog” and another for “Process Posts.”

It all seemed simple enough until I realized I now needed to find a way to link those to my menu bars so that they wouldn’t link to nothing. So now, I had to figure out how to turn a category into its own separate page that could be linked to. If I’m being honest, I don’t really remember how I even did this, but after about 20 minutes of messing around and Googling I finally figured it out. So now, Great White Sport is officially in working order.

Besides setting up the website and downloading Google Analytics following lecture and tutorial on Monday, I also worked on my “Visitors and Residents” map which was introduced on Posiel in week one.

I had never fully considered the ways in which I use some platforms solely for personal reasons and others for ‘intellectual’ or professional reasons, but what I actually found more challenging was determining my visitor vs. residential status on a variety of social networks.

After some careful consideration and consultation of a tutorial video, this was my end result. Being in my final semester of university and looking towards a career in media or public relations, I’m interested to see how it might change when my time at SFU comes to an end.

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