Process Post #5

This week, I worked more on the aesthetics and navigation of my website after receiving some valuable feedback from the first peer review. My assigned peer pointed out multiple things that helped me declutter my home page and headers, as well as just tidying some other things up.

The first change I ended up making was to change the colour of the tagline “All Things Sport in the Great White North” because it had been a light grey colour that was near impossible to read against the white backdrop. I had tried to figure out how to change this in the past few weeks but didn’t see any option for changing its colour within any of the customization menus.

Thankfully, I was able to count on the always trusty Google to provide a solution. Thanks to a forum on WordPress’s support page, I found a little bit of coding that did the trick. As someone who has absolutely no idea how to code, it was really helpful that the post author provided a step-by-step direction of how to do so.

The next thing my assigned peer mentioned was the redundancy of my menu on the home page. It was centred on the top header and then once again to the right just below it which was unnecessary. I appreciated her pointing that out because I think I tried to do a little too much in setting up my website and didn’t take into account that less is more sometimes.

With the menu on my header looking much better, I also decided to remove the header image above it that held my tagline because as my peer mentioned it was already visible in another place on my website. This made me realize if I was going to have an image in the header, I would probably be better off having it be the actual name of my site and publication rather than just the tagline. Hopefully it’s a little more memorable and will help drive people back to the website in the future. I also changed the colour of the image to a white backdrop with black writing to break up the monotony up top and am pleased with the red-white-black striping that exists there now.

Another thing my peer touched on was the redundancy of my contact information throughout the site, as I had multiple links to my email and Twitter that were cluttering the space. I decided to just keep the one Twitter icon and leave everything else on the contact page instead, which I agree is much cleaner now.

I haven’t found any appropriate images that I might want to incorporate to the static About and Contact pages as my peer suggested, but it’s something I’ll continue to consider over the coming weeks to freshen them up and make them more visually appealing.

One thing I changed that I’m quite pleased with is my footers and sidebars on my site, including things such as monthly archives, recent posts, and categories. It wasn’t a direct suggestion from my peer but her recommendations of making things more succinct and easier on the eyes inspired me to look for ways to do that and I think I was able to accomplish that.

Lastly, my blog happened to be shown briefly in the lecture period on Zoom on Tuesday and one recommendation that stood out was to make the background colour (red) a little less bright. I took Jaiden’s advice and went with a little more of a dark red/burgundy colour and it’s helped to soften the look of the site.

Overall, the first peer review provided an excellent opportunity for me to look at my website from a different perspective and I’m happy with the progress made as a result.

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