The website dimsumdyke has a lot of positive attributes early on in the semester. For starters, the layout is clean and easy to navigate, with a clear focus on the most important tabs and menu items. The administrator’s choice to have the most recent posts in chronological order is useful for viewers who might not know which sub-menu to use to find the content they are looking for. Additionally, it could serve as an excellent way to achieve a low bounce rate by catching the viewer’s attention immediately rather than counting on a static homepage to hold a person’s interest. It is also nice to have a few lines of preview for each post underneath the title so the reader can decide whether it is worth their clicking to.

            As a result of having a scrolling list of posts on the homepage, it ends up being quite long, but the administrator has included a helpful “back-to-top” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. It is subtle enough to not be distracting but the purpose is clear.

            Having a big search function at the top of the homepage and each of the PUB 101 and Portfolio pages is convenient for a viewer who wants to search a keyword. I do like the “Tags” box underneath as well because it gives the viewer an idea of the content on the site and allows them to click to posts with those tags. However, it might be better to make the tags a darker colour that would stand out more than grey/white, as the smaller ones especially are a little difficult to see.

            The header of the website is also very functional and well organized with all contact information available on the very top strip. Having the email address clearly placed at the top as well as the social media buttons to connected accounts is a great way to drive viewers to other channels. It is helpful having the drop-down menus on the header, but I think it might be useful to also include something in the footer as well, such as a smaller menu. This just provides the user with an option of going right to another page without having to go back to the top first.

            The quality of writing on is very high and of a professional nature, free from any typos that could be distracting. It might be a good idea to include some more visuals on the website, however, so that it isn’t so text heavy. Whether that is in the form of photographs on the homepage, embedded social media content (Tweets, Instagram posts) within posts, or something else is entirely up to the administrator, but could help retain the viewer’s attention. I like the minimalistic look of the website and the subtle change of colour from grey to blue as you scroll down towards the bottom, but the basic colour palette in combination with a lack of visuals makes it look a little out of date. I think some visuals could go a long way in making it look a little more contemporary.

            Overall, the administrator has clearly put a significant amount of work into the site thus far and has stayed up to date with all assignments and blog posts. They have established a clear voice and online self which is consistent from the About page to the published posts.

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