When prompted to think about sports in Canada, many people automatically turn to hockey, and for good reason. Year over year, decade over decade, Canadians show their tenacity, passion, and achievements in the game.

But our talents extend beyond the ice surface. From tennis to golf, baseball to basketball, soccer to football, and yes, of course, hockey, this website is intended to showcase current events and professional athletes in Canadian sports.

While it has been and continues to be extremely challenging, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented period in professional sports where virtually all sports are sharing the limelight due to the springtime shutdowns. Great White Sport brings attention to the athletes and teams making headline news north of the border.

Recent Posts

They say you can’t win a golf tournament on Thursday, but you can lose it.  Most weeks that’s true, with
It's been yet another busy week of transactions for Canada's NHL teams, with the Canucks, Canadiens, and Leafs stealing the
Abbotsford's Chase Claypool isn't at home for Canadian Thanksgiving this year, so he decided to give Steelers fans something to
Toronto Maple Leafs After re-signing veteran Jason Spezza to a one-year deal at the league minimum $700K earlier this week,
NHL Free Agency opened at 12pm EDT on Friday, marking another first for the NHL in what can only be
After multiple strong showings at the US Open in New York last month, expectations and hopes were high among the

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