If you’ve come across my website on purpose, you probably already know my name. But if you’ve somehow stumbled upon it by accident, my name is Marcus Anderson and I’m in my final semester of my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University as a Communication major. I’ve always had a passion for sports, both as a participant and spectator.

For years, it was my dream to become a sports journalist, and even led to my initial attendance of Carleton University for the Bachelor of Journalism program in 2015. In the years since, I’ve discovered more of a desire for PR and media relations, but still hope to carry that over into the field of professional sports.

As a lifelong fan and four-year employee of the Vancouver Canucks, there will likely be a disproportionate amount of writing about the Canucks on this website, but I hope to publish content throughout the semester that any Canadian sports fan will enjoy. If you want to talk sports, I’m always all ears. You can find my email address and Twitter handle on the Contact page.

Thanks for reading!

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